Our Fantasy Novels

A terrifying premonition. An ancient message written in a lost language. Can she uncover the ancient secrets in time to avert the oncoming disaster?

Aubrey Lelend grew up believing that her time sensitivity – the rare, magical bond that she shares with the sacred calendar – was a gift. But when workers at her manor house discover an ancient tome written in a lost language, she learns the grim side of that bond. The instant she sees the book’s final page, her time sense fills her with a terrifying premonition of the calendar’s end and the lifeless void waiting beyond.

Haunted by her vision of the future and desperate to decipher the book’s strange words, she rushes north to the kingdom’s capital. She arrives to find the royal court in chaos, with the king in seclusion and treachery stalking the courtiers. Forced to seek help from the son of an old rival, she races to uncover the book’s dire message and unlock the secrets hidden within the calendar’s magic. But every passing minute brings the world closer to termination.

Time is running out. Can she act swiftly enough to prevent the end of all life?

60th Hour is a standalone, epic fantasy novel. If you like a story-driven tale, with compelling characters and a unique, intricate universe, then you’ll love Susan and John’s magical world.

He thought it was a joke. Now, his deceit may hand a tyrant the crown…

Fabren Lacalian never foresaw consequences like this. Teaming with his master for a vengeful prank, the half-human magician forged a false prophecy to embarrass the wizards who belittled them. But after his teacher is murdered by a sinister pretender claiming to be the heir they foretold, the terrified apprentice flees for his life as the sole custodian of the truth.

Riddled with guilt and hunted by assassins, Fabren finds an unlikely ally in an archivist who believes wholeheartedly in the escalating lie. And with only his meager keyhole magic to protect them from the vile usurper’s minions, the sham seer may be the author of everyone’s destruction.

Can Fabren end the madness before the realm falls to its doom?

The Keyhole Wizard is the thrilling first book in The Doorway to Magic high fantasy series. If you like underdog heroes, dire stakes, and unique systems of sorcery, then you’ll love Susan and John Ruff’s dive into destiny.

Buy The Keyhole Wizard to rewrite the future today!

Previously published as Prophecy’s Malignant Son.

A man without magic must face the worst magical threat his kingdom has ever known.

Montaine Kirring’s work is pushing his endurance to the limit. Charged with governing the realm in the queen’s absence, he must balance his existing duties as the kingdom’s chief enforcer with his new royal responsibilities. But when one of his investigators disappears in a strange magical accident, his obligations turn from hectic to deadly.

Montaine’s efforts to learn what happened to the missing man entangle him in a web of unanswered questions. Is the half-human apprentice Fabren Lacalian the unwitting disseminator of an ancient curse that warps human wizardry? Who are the Ajarant and why is archivist Daraline Graciel so enamored with them? What is the reason behind the string of kidnappings in the capital city? Beneath all these mysteries lurks a hidden danger poised to distort the use of magic and conquer the kingdom.

With no magical abilities of his own, how can Montaine uncover the truth before the twisted wizardry overtakes the realm?

Montaine, Fabren, and Daraline are back in The Door Ajar, the thrilling sequel to The Keyhole Wizard. If you enjoy high fantasy with interwoven plotlines and a unique system of magic, you will love the second book in the Doorway to Magic series.

Short Stories by Susan and John Ruff

Lord Larrin’s Daughter

Emerald Cove’s first anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Daughter by Susan Ruff.

The bandits of the Direwood thought they had a fool-proof scheme: kidnapping noblewomen and holding them for ransom. Then they made the mistake of capturing Lord Larrin’s daughter.

Susan and John have contributed short stories to two themed anthologies published by Emerald Cove Press.

Lord Larrin’s Trophy

Emerald Cove’s second anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Trophy by Susan Ruff.

Someone stole a very large fish. Lario Grenden needs to find it. But who is that mysterious lady and why is she making the investigation difficult for him?

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