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Susan and John’s latest book: Prophecy’s Malignant Son is now available on Amazon:
Amazon.com: Prophecy’s Malignant Son: A high fantasy novel eBook: Ruff, Susan and John: Books

On March 16, 2020, Susan and John published their first full-length fantasy novel 60th Hour. Susan has also published short stories in Emerald Cove’s anthologies “Kidnapped!” and “Stolen!”

Books by Susan and John Ruff

60th Hour

For the people of Kenarin, time is running out. After 3600 years, the sacred calendar is ending. A terrifying premonition sends Aubrey Lelend, a woman gifted with time sensitivity, riding north to seek help. But she finds a city mired in treachery and strife. So begins the race to unlock the secrets of the calendar before the 60th hour arrives.

The countdown has begun!


Emerald Cove’s second anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Trophy by Susan Ruff.

Someone stole a very large fish. Lario Grenden needs to find it. But who is that mysterious lady and why is she making the investigation difficult for him?


Emerald Cove’s first anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Daughter by Susan Ruff.

A bandits of the Direwood thought they had a fool-proof scheme: kidnapping noblewomen and holding them for ransom. Then they captured Lord Larrin’s daughter.

Prophecy’s Malignant Son

Susan and John’s second full-length fantasy novel, released in July 2021.

The Prophecy of Lenar promises that a glorious ruler will arise to replace the dying monarch of Aullor. Fabren Lacalian, the half-human apprentice of a dead wizard, knows the terrible truth underlying that promise. That truth murdered his master and, if revealed, could destroy Fabren’s life. Fleeing in terror, he encounters Daraline Graciel, the archivist who first uncovered the prophecy in an ancient tome. Working together, they must stop the prophecy’s deadly march across the land. For corruption has already spread to the royal capital and the situation grows more desperate by the day.