Our Fantasy Novels

A terrifying premonition. An ancient message written in a lost language. Can she uncover the ancient secrets in time to avert the oncoming disaster?

Aubrey Lelend is racing against time. The sacred calendar that has controlled her life since childhood nears its final days. When a premonition warns her of destruction lurking beyond the calendar’s end, Aubrey may be the only one aware of the deadly events to come. With the fate of the world at stake, she rushes north to the holy city to warn the king. When she arrives, she finds the kingdom in disarray and treachery stalking the courtiers. With help from the son of an old rival, she desperately tries to unravel the calendar’s ancient mysteries. But every passing minute brings existence closer to termination.

60th Hour is a standalone novel of epic fantasy. If you like a clean, story-driven tale, with compelling characters and a unique, intricate universe, then you’ll love Susan and John’s first full-length fantasy book.

He’s the key to keeping evil from taking the throne. But his decision could mean his death.

Fabren Lacalian fears for his life. The only witness to his wizard master’s shocking murder, the half-human apprentice flees amidst a cloud of accusations. But his teacher died holding a dangerous secret the panicking student is certain will protect the kingdom… and lead to his own execution.

With the realm under threat as its ailing monarch worsens, a terrified Fabren evades assassins while a ruthless man claims to be the prophetic heir. And as malicious forces overtake the capital and the city descends into chaos, the harried young fugitive can’t rest until he’s exposed the deadly truth.

Will Fabren make the ultimate sacrifice to stop his land from falling into wicked hands?

Prophecy’s Malignant Son is a captivating high fantasy novel. If you like underdog heroes, dire stakes, and unique magic systems, then you’ll love Susan and John Ruff’s dive into destiny.

Short Stories by Susan and John Ruff

Lord Larrin’s Daughter

Emerald Cove’s first anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Daughter by Susan Ruff.

The bandits of the Direwood thought they had a fool-proof scheme: kidnapping noblewomen and holding them for ransom. Then they captured Lord Larrin’s daughter.

Susan and John have contributed short stories to two themed anthologies published by Emerald Cove Press.

Lord Larrin’s Trophy

Emerald Cove’s second anthology includes the short story Lord Larrin’s Trophy by Susan Ruff.

Someone stole a very large fish. Lario Grenden needs to find it. But who is that mysterious lady and why is she making the investigation difficult for him?

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