Introduction to 6th Day

Before I talk about my blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Susan Ruff, and my husband John and I are Indy authors who live in Southern California. While we occasionally dabble in other genres, most of our writing falls squarely within the category of mainstream fantasy.

The past six weeks have been a crash course in technology for me. On Monday, March 16, 2020, the day California went into quarantine status over Covid-19, John and I published our first full-length fantasy novel 60th Hour. Since then, I have, among other things: 1) learned how to attend and conduct video meetings; 2) created author pages on Amazon and Facebook; and 3) played table-top rpgs remotely.

And now, I am trying my hand at my first ever blog. It is my intent to publish a blog post every Friday (hence the title of my blog – 6th Day). The title is also a reference to the world of 60th Hour, which has only 6 days in each week.

The blog will focus on writing, and in particular on the fiction John and I have written. I hope it will be enjoyable for our readers. — Susan Ruff 5/1/2020

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