What About that Pilfered Fish?

Sometimes, as an author, you know exactly when and where a story idea hit you. In this case, it was late August 2017, and I was sitting in the Legal Sea Foods restaurant by T.F.Green Airport in Rhode Island. (See photo above.) Emerald Cove had decided on the theme for its second anthology (Stolen!). As usual, I was at a complete loss for a plot. (When Emerald Cove chooses an anthology topic, my typical calm, adult reaction is: “Blargh!??!! What am I going to write???”)

So there I was, waiting for my dinner, desperately trying to think of story ideas. Decorating the walls of the restaurant were — you guessed it — fishing trophies. Lots of them. Probably wooden copies of trophies rather than the real thing, but they were still pretty impressive. I started thinking about a story involving a stolen fish trophy and ultimately came up with the idea of the stolen fish.

Thus Lord Larrin’s Trophy was begun.

And, in case you are wondering, the food was great! I love Legal Sea Foods!

Susan – 5/22/2020

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