An Indy Author’s Resolutions

Happy 2021! A brand new year. The Year of Hope.

New Year’s resolutions are not usually my thing. I tend to prefer a Yoda attitude toward them: “Resolve not! Write or write not. There is no resolve.”

However, in the spirit of this bright new year, and because my Friday blog happens to fall on New Year’s Day this week, I decided to break with tradition and develop my list of New Year’s resolutions. Further, I am taking the (probably foolish) step of announcing them in a public forum so that all my wonderful readers can hold me accountable.

Ok. Deep breath. Here goes:

1. I resolve to write at least 500 words of fiction per day until I finish the current fantasy novel that John and I are writing: Prophecy’s Malignant Son.

2. I resolve to learn more about advertising and marketing our fiction books.

3. I resolve to develop a marketing strategy before the next book is released to help improve its visibility and to attract potential readers.

4. I resolve to come up with a more complete outline for the next novel that John and I write and to start writing that new novel before the end of June.

5. I resolve to keep writing and publishing this blog every Friday for the rest 2021.

There you have it, folks! My wish list for 2021. I hope you all have a wonderful new year!

-Susan 1/1/2021

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