Writing Inspiration Destination: Delphi, Greece

All photographs in this blog post were taken by Susan Ruff in June 1992. (My apologies for the poor photo quality; they were scanned from old 35 mm prints in my photo album.)

Greece is a wonderful place to visit and provides a constant source of writing inspiration for me (as you can tell by the number of times my blog posts have included locations from that country). In a land full of amazing things to see, Delphi still stands out as one of the best.

My beloved co-author and I visited Delphi on a beautiful June day in 1992. The weather was perfect, and the archaeological complex was fascinating. After 30 years, my memory of our visit has faded a bit, but I recall that much of the site was situated along a slope and that we climbed up an ancient road as we passed the remains of structures and monuments.

Delphi also hosts a great museum. Based on the photos I saw on line recently while I was writing this blog, I suspect the museum has been improved and modernized since I was there, but even 30 years ago it contained an excellent collection of artifacts, including the famous bronze statue of a charioteer.

My writing inspiration story for today’s blog post comes from that museum. A few months ago, Emerald Cove announced plans for its newest themed anthology. The collection of short stories will focus on mythical creatures in an urban fantasy setting.

While my fellow Emerald Cove authors immediately got to work on some excellent stories, I was, as usual, completely at a loss for what to write. John and I discussed the project, and he came up with a fun plot idea that sent me searching through my photo albums to find the sphinx we had seen in the museum at Delphi.

I don’t want to say too much about a work in progress, but if all goes well, you can expect to see a humorous story involving a sphinx at some point in the future. I’ll provide a further update when I know more.

I’ll talk to you again on the first Friday of May!

-Susan 4/7/2023

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